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Obama's Removal an Existential Issue for Mankind's Survival

President Obama's total failure of leadership in the fight against the Ebola pandemic that threatens to kill billions of people in the coming months and years has reached the point where the very survival of much of mankind depends on his immediate removal from office. As recently as his Saturday weekly radio address, the President lied to the American people, claiming that"Ebola is actually a difficult disease to catch. It's not transmitted through the air like the flu. You cannot get it from just riding on a plane or a bus. The only way that a person can contract the disease is by coming into direct contact with the bodily fluids of somebody who is already showing symptoms."
Contrast these lies to the warnings delivered by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. John F. Kelly, the head of the Southern Command, who explicitly warned about the possibility of airborne spread and warned that unless the Ebola virus is contained in West Africa, it will soon spread to the Caribbean, South and Central America, and then into the United States.
If President Obama were not a pawn of the genocidal British Empire forces who willfully promote a mass population reduction through—in the words of Bertrand Russell—a "Black Death once every generation," the United States would have taken the lead, in partnership with Russia, China, India, and some leading European nations, in a massive military-scientific mobilization to kill the disease. By appointing political hack (and former Al Gore chief of staff) Ron Klain as the new "Ebola Czar," Obama once again made clear that he is more interested in installing a "spin doctor" than a serious military or public health professional to lead a global effort. Right now, the United States government does not even have a Surgeon General. President Obama could have appointed his Surgeon General nominee to take up the post of Ebola Czar. He could have appointed a former Chairman of the JCS like Colin Powell. In short, his approach is nothing short of a potential death sentence to millions of Americans if the Ebola pandemic is not beaten now.
As Dr. Michael Osterholm and other public health and infectious disease specialists have warned repeatedly for months, a genuine military-style mobilization is needed to defeat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa before it spreads beyond control. In an appearance on Fox TV on Sunday morning, Dr. Osterholm called for a military surge on the scale of the Berlin Airlift to get medical supplies, personnel, and other vital sanitation and nutrition into the hot zone.
The United States alone has hundreds of heavy cargo planes under the U.S. Air Force and other services that could be shuttling vital supplies and personnel into Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, where death rates among known Ebola victims is 70-90 percent in most areas. The United States, Russia, China, Japan, and several European countries have hospital ships that could be dispatched off the West African coast (all three hot zone countries are on the coast) within a week, establishing a network of emergency hospital facilities that would be quarantine facilities. So far, only a handful of U.S. troops have arrived in West Africa and few mobile hospitals have been installed. The disease vector is spreading much faster than the international response.
In the United States, while there are only four Level IV bio-hazard facilities, there are many teaching hospitals where bio-defense research is being conducted and where vaccine research is underway. All of those hospitals could be upgraded to take Ebola patients within 72 hours.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel issued an order on Sunday assigning military specialists to work with civilian authorities on rapid response to further cases in the United States. But so far, only 40 military personnel will be assigned to the new rapid response effort.
Long before the Ebola crisis, President Obama committed high crimes and misdemeanors that warranted his impeachment. All of those crimes—including his adament refusal to go to Congress for formal authorization for the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria—still stand as articles of impeachment. His blatant refusal to take the vital actions against Ebola make his removal an existential issue for all Americans and all of mankind.

mánudagur, 5. september 2011

The Seven Steps, for Global Economic Recovery.

A full-length feature video detailing LaRouche's program, "Seven Necessary Steps for Global Economic Recovery".

Goldman Sachs, the Serial Killer

On the same day as it was announced that Goldman Sachs had been sued by the Federal Housing Finance Agency for violating the law in its sale of mortgage securities, the contents of a Goldman Sachs "Strategy Note" was revealed in a major Italian daily. The document showed that Goldman Sachs is currently playing exactly the same fraudulent scheme of betting against an asset, while selling it to its customers.
Goldman Sachs issued the 54-page "Strategy Note" from its trading desk to favored clients on Aug. 16, saying that Eurozone banks need at least $1 trillion in recapitalization (which would be half of their capital). In it, Goldman advises customers to go short on the euro with six-month bets against the Swiss franc, and to buy credit default swaps on an index of European banks. It also published figures for 77 banks, exposing which ones are shakier than the others.

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs "has been among the promoters of an event in London these days, dedicated to saving Europe: a meeting between investors and credibility-seeking Spanish authorities," writes analyst Marco Valsania in Il Sole 24 Ore, adding: "The U.S. bank is also among the large helpers for selling Madrid bonds," and noting that "this is the same practice followed by Goldman in 2008, when the bank bet against subprime mortgages while at the same time selling them to customers."

föstudagur, 24. desember 2010

Frost over the World - Julian Assange

The WikiLeaks founder talks about secrets, leaks and why he will not go back to Sweden.


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January 7, 2010

It goes virtually without saying, that I am proud of Iceland and its President.

Iceland President Stands by His People

January 8, 2010 (LPAC)-- Despite the hostility of the governments of Great Britain and the Netherlands, which have threatened to kick Iceland out of the "international community," Iceland President Olaf Ragnar Grimsson is standing by his decision, and defending, in interviews and statements, the right of his people to national sovereignty. In the Financial Times today, he is quoted as saying, "The Icelandic constitution is based on the fundamental principle that the people have sovereignty. It is the responsibility of the President to make sure that the will of the people will prevail."

He then called on the peoples of Britain and Netherlands ("and their political leaders") to stand "with the longstanding democratic traditions of Britain and the Netherlands, acknowledging that a referendum is a democratic way of making a decision,"

Grimsson was also interviewed in Swedish radio.

In an interview with BBC on Wednesday evening, Grimsson was verbally assaulted by the host, who looked like an attorney for Shylock and treated the President of a state like a felon. "Don't trust an Icelander," "Aren't international agreements more important than a President's will?" and "Are you happy with these results?" (downrating, loss of international credit, etc.) were the interviewer's questions and remarks. Grimsson taught the arrogant fellow a lesson, telling him, "I understand that Britain is not familiar with systems where the people is called to express its will " and that in Iceland, "not the parliament, but the nation is sovereign."

In contrast to the oligarchy, the British people continue to express their sympathy for Icelanders, at least judging from readers' comments continuing to flow in to major dailies (see below). It is probably due to this that a faction of the British establishment, represented by the Financial Times, has taken a distance from the government and openly rejected the "hard-line" approach towards Iceland. Significantly, an FT editorial today is entitled "Do Not Put Iceland in a Debtors' Prison." The FT also chose to publish a letter by Advocacy International, saying that it is "unjust" to make Iceland take sole responsibility for the "reckless behavior of private bankers and risk-takers."

The FT ran as a blowup quote, the view of its chief financial commentator, Martin Wolf: "This is not about cutting a running deficit, which is, indeed, unavoidable. It is about forcing innocent people to assume gigantic liabilities for which they have no legal or moral responsibility. How would U.K. citizens feel if they were forced to assume a debt of £400 billion because of HSBC's failure to meet deposit insurance liabilities in Asia? Let the U.K. take the bank's assets and leave it at that."

Also, Michael Hudson from the University of Missouri writes that "Iceland has the right to refuse debt servitude." Hudson argues that Iceland could pay foreign debt only out of balance-of-payments receipts, i.e. through export revenues. But already fish export revenues have been entirely earmarked to service existing debt; the same goes for aluminum exports and its geothermal and hydroelectric resources. Add to this the fact that most families have mortgages which, if the currency is depreciated, can only get worse, and you have the picture: It is impossible for Iceland to pay the debt. "A pragmatic economic principle is at work in such conditions. Debts that cannot be paid, will not." If we have learned the lessons of the collapse of living standards in post-Soviet Russia, he ends by asking, "by how many years must Icelandic lifespans shorten?"

According to a European banking source, the British and the Dutch are going to dump the burden on Scandinavian countries. On their side, the resistance organization in Iceland is calling on the Scandinavian governments to support them against the London and The Hague.

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LaRouche Webcast: September 8, 2009

Lyndon H LaRouche Jr. delivers a historic webcast as we approach the year end breakdown phase of the economic system. LaRouche delivers a final ultimatum to Obama, and details what the needed solutions are to halt this economic breakdown crisis.

föstudagur, 31. október 2008


Að kúga fólkið,það gaman er,

er þeirra æðsta gildi.

Þeir blindir eru á tilgang lífs,

og sitja í eigin gildru.

Garða djöfull með hnefanum,

hótar öllu illu.

Krefst af okkur gullsins,

sem kúgararnir stálu.

Hérna situr djöfullinn

og leikur mörgum skjöldum.

Satan Case Morgan og alþjóða,

að svikráðum standa með göldrum.

Sálar tötrið fjötrað er,

í dökkum myndum hugans.

Þeirra helsi stjórnar þeim,

svo aðrir fá ei frelsi.

Hræðsla þeirra djöfullleg,

sem aðrir fá ei að þekkja.

Þeir halda gjarnan mér og þér,

í ímynd eigin eigin huga.

Þinn illa óvin þú þarft að sjá,

sem er ætíð í illu ati.

Hann vélar gegn þér dag og nótt,

og heitir Illuminati.

Kúgarar gengu harðast fram,

með gullin loforð á vörum.

Þeir sitja eftir,allir sem einn,

þegar við fólkið,.........förum.